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34 Adorable Things To Do With Leftover Bits Of Yarn

Finally, something I can do with my yarn leftovers! These (34) suggestions are awesome!

Looking for an easy throw knitting blanket pattern? Something to make while switching your brain off and watching Netflix? The Block Blanket is the perfect knit project for this. This is the easiest blanket to make. Simple garter stitch squares sewed together. Click for all the details and tips and tricks to make your own knit blanket. #knitting #knittingpatterns

Ever fancied learning knitting? This is a simple step-by-step photo tutorial to teach you how to knit the M1L and M1R (Make 1 Left and Make 1 Right) knitting increase stitches. It also has a handy tip about how to remember which is which!

Arm Knitted scarf with a button loop. Guess I’m gonna have to learn how go knit, bc this is super cute

This is a super simple + modern knit headband pattern. Works up quickly, and is so fun to watch the twist come together. Pattern comes with photo + video support. Visit

Whether you’re warming up to a hot cup of joe or popping in to cool off with an iced coffee, the Coffee Shop knitted Wrap pattern has you covered – literally.

Check out how to Loom Knit a Hat Cap – E-Wrap Method – Did you know how easy this could be? We’ve got an easy tutorial that will make you feel like a pro in no time. #DIY #crochet #knit #winterhat

Treetops Butterfly Stitch Baby Blanket Knitting Free Pattern – Easy #Blanket; Free #Knitting; Patterns


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